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    Updating xml net russiqn dating services

    Only one record should be returned to be updated and the WHERE query is based on the Attribute of the System tag. Not errors are caught, nor is the status label, but the Save is carried out (though no changes are made). Am I going completely the wrong way or am I just missing something?

    Thanks in advance, Nate Hi indieboynate , XDocument doc = XDocument. Map Path("XMLFile16.xml")); var eles = from c in doc.

    Close() End With End If Here's a little start for updating an XML node, please see below for example.

    Michael Champion February 2007 Applies to: Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" .

    Select Single Node("Data") 'If we have the node let's change the text If My XMLNode Is Not Nothing Then Dim My XMLNodes As Xml Node List My XMLNodes = My XMLNode. Child Nodes 'Set the nodes text If My XMLNodes Is Not Nothing Then My XMLNodes. Inner Text = "NEW NODES TEXT" End If 'Save the XML now My XML. Startup Path & "My XML.xml") End If Thank you for your interest in this question.

    With this in mind I'm not sure what node you're looking for (maybe "node"), but in my example... Select Single Node("YOURNODE") 'If we have the node let's change the text If My XMLNode Is Not Nothing Then My XMLNode. Inner Text = "NEW NODES TEXT" Else 'Do whatever End If 'Save the XML now My XML. Startup Path & "My XML.xml") Dim My XML As New Xml Document() My XML. Startup Path & "My XML.xml") Dim My XMLNode As Xml Node = My XML.

    LINQ to XML, a component of the LINQ project, aims to address this issue.

    LINQ to XML is a modernized in-memory XML programming API designed to take advantage of the latest . It provides both DOM and XQuery/XPath like functionality in a consistent programming experience across the different LINQ-enabled data access technologies.

    You'll need to make a few adjustments as necessary to fit your needs.

    Hi there, We are using a MSI to create a XML file in the %appdata% folder which works fine as expected.

    But when we try to install the MSI in the system context it fails every time with the error code 27519 and shows the path to Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\App Data\Roeaming\Program Dir.

    I'm also using the newscroller Javascript as same as the above I want to update my XML file (News.xml) using VB. I have managed to create XML like this :- .the result, the newscroller Javascript will not load the updated values (testing one) above. if you guys do not follow the problems, later i will post the VB. Robert, I looked through the tutorials behind the link you supplied. NET/XML stuff but I didn't find anything close enough to be the answer to the original question asked.

    I'm trying to figure out how I can go about updating my XML file.

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